2018 Schedule Of Events

11:00 am – Classroom
Josh Williams / Greenthread Herbs
The Path & Power of Spiritual Herbalism
Join Josh for an exploration of how plant medicine can create positive changes in body, mind, and spirit. This class will be filled with tangents and treats with a focus on the spirituality of herbalism and the practicality of everyday herbalism. If you know Josh, you also know there will be lots of talk about herbal teas!





11:00 am – Mainstage
Kendra Hyde
Yoga Flow for Herb Lovers
Bring your mat – this is a full yoga session!








11:45 am – Classroom
Beuna Tomalino / Garden Inspire
Grow Your Own Herbs
Learn to grow herbs in Utah for culinary, craft, or medicinal use.






12:00 pm – Mainstage
Lindsay Heath








12:30 pm – Workshop Space
Cornelia Mikolash / Life Balance Passion
Essential Oils & Makeup
Be your best beautiful self with makeup using essential oils!








12:45 pm – Classroom
Wendy Warner, RH AHG / Be Vibrant
Blossoming with Flower Essences
Flower Essences for the emotions of illness and everything else that unsettles your vibe.







1:00 pm – Mainstage
Austin McWilliams








1:30 pm – Classroom
Marinda Bowen / Natural Law Apothecary
I was addicted to the hokey pokey… but thankfully, I turned myself around!
Integrating Holistic Approaches on the Modern Path to Wellness








2:00 pm-Mainstage









2:15 pm – Classroom
Solaris Moon / Shamanic Root Witch
Wildcrafting & Wildweeding
Dig in with Solaris Moon and learn how to live more closely with the plants through food, healing, and spirit with this intro workshop on getting wild!







2:30 pm-Workshop Space
Aaron Grimshaw
Wire Wrapping Essentials


3:00 pm – Mainstage
Arron Jaques









3:00pm – Classroom
Kate Galarza
5 Fun & Delicious Herbs For Kids
Come learn about 5 safe and engaging herbs for your little ones from a plant-loving mom!








3:45 pm – Classroom
Merry Harrison / Milcreek Herbs
Herb Garden Success
Learn to grown your own medicine, culinary herbs, and plant allies with another amazing SLC-focused class from Merry!






4:00 pm – Mainstage
Thomas Jacques









4:00 pm – Workshop Space
Cornelia & Ryan Mikolash
Fun Essential Oils Makeover… on Ryan!


4:30 pm – Classroom
Erika Longino / Mobile Moon Co-op
Wild Medicines
Learn how to craft and care for the wild medicines that grow all around us from a space of deep respect and relation. Also, learn more about Erika’s ‘mobile apothecary!





5:00 pm – Mainstage
Nick Johnson






5:00 pm – Workshop Space
Holly Draper
Essential Oils



5.15 pm – Classroom
Jessica Stahle / Botanicals & Birth
Nourishing Herbs for Pregnancy
Learn all about the deep nourishment, wellness, and energy the plants can offer during pregnancy






6:00 pm – Mainstage
Atalaya’s Emeralds Bellyd’ance Troupe
Bellydance performance






6:15 pm – Classroom
The Dynamic Energetics of Lavender
Enjoy an immersive exploration of one of the plant kingdom’s most celebrated (and most popular!) medicinal herbs. You’re sure to learn things about this fragrant flower you never knew before!